The Bethlehem Steel Quiz: Try It on the Family

If you belong to that large group of people to whom a questionnaire offers an irresistible challenge we believe you will find stimulating adventure in this list of questions on subjects pertaining to the steel industry.

Correct answers to the Bethlehem Quiz will be found opposite page 289.

1. One of the six terms listed below applies to an element frequently used in making steel:

(a)Singhalese (b) manganese (c) Manchukuo (d) obese (e) dextrose (f) mongoose

2. The first iron works in Virginia was founded in 1619 by the Virginia Company and in 1621 one of the following was appointed to take charge of it:

(a)William Ewart Gladstone (b) Ben Jonson (c) Adam Smith (d) John Berkeley

(e) Dante Gabriel Rossetti (f) Samuel Pepys (g) Lord Darnley (h) Christopher Marlowe

3. The new bridge which is being constructed by Bethlehem Steel Company across the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts is named


(a) Noah Webster (c) Jonathan Edwards (e) Henry James (g) Elihu Yale

(b) Robert Gould Shaw (d) Calvin Coolidge (f) Cotton Mather (h) Eleazer Wheelock

4. Colorado is the major source of supply for one of the following alloys used in steel-making:

(a) nickel (b) copper (c) aluminum

(d)silicon (e) molybdenum

5. Most of the nails produced in America are made of steel. They are customarily manufactured by one of the following processes:

(a) By hand-cutting from bar stock.

(b) By drop forging.

(c) By machine-cutting and heading from coils of wire.

6. In the aggregate, the largest users of fence made of woven steel wire are:

(a) zoos (b) penal institutions

(c) lawns of residences (d) farms and ranches (e) industrial plants (f) public parks

7. Hematite is a:

(a) Substance without which the blood does not coagulate.

(b) Form of iron ore.

(c) Half of any given object.

(d) Trade name of an electric hemstitching machine.

8. If you were prospecting for iron ore, the chances are that you would carry one of these instruments in your pocket:

(a) thermometer (b) compass (c) stethoscope (d) rheostat (e) electrograph (f) barometer

9. One of the following names is that of a man who was intimately associated with the development of blooming mills for reducing ingots to blooms:

(a) George Westinghouse (b) Alfred Nobel

(c) George Fritz (d) John Jacob Astor

10. What large steel company supplied the fabricated steel and erected all but one of the following structures:

{a) New York Central Building, New York City. (f ) Ambassador Bridge, Detroit.

(c)Taj Mahal, Agia, India.

(d)Merchandise Mart, Chicago, I11.

(e) Refinery for La Direcion General de los Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales de la Republica Argentina.

Answers to Bethlehem Steel Quiz-

(See opposite page 284)

1. (b) Manganese. When manganese is used as an alloy in steel, it increases the strength of the steel in its natural or “as rolled” condition and improves the combination of strength and ductility after heat treatment.

2. (d) John Berkeley.

3. (d) Calvin Coolidge. Located near Northampton, the bridge is named in honor of that city’s most famous citizen.

4. (e) Molybdenum.

5. (c) By machine-cutting and heading from coils of wire.

6. (d) Farms and ranches.

7. (b) Form of iron ore.

8. (b) Compass. The compass is affected by the presence of iron ore in the ground.

9. (c) George Fritz. He conceived the first blooming mill for rolling ingots down to blooms, the hydraulic manipulator for turning over and moving the ingots and the mechanical driving of rollers in the mill tables.

10. Bethlehem Steel Company.