Table of Contents

The Salvation of Pisco Gabar.GEOFFREY HOUSEHOLD 1

A Long Story Complete

Free Speech and Plain Language. ALBERT JAY NOCK 11

How Britain Does It .H. B. ELLISTON 20

I. Readjustment

Mr. Pennyfeatlier on SKIING. DONALD MOFFAT 28

The Deep Heart and Other Poems. F. R. MCCREARY 38

Blowing the Bubble! There Is One Way Out .... LEWIS W. DOUGLAS 40

The Grandpapa of All the Fishes .ROBERT DEAN FRISBIE 46

Jews in Trouble. LUDWIG LEWISOHN 53

An Impassioned Defense


Straws from Alberta .WILLIAM F. RUSSELL 70

A Crown of Life. A Story. HENRY WILLIAMSON 77

I Set My House in Order. STEPHEN DIRCK 86

A Matter of Life or Death

An X-Ray of the Campaign. J. FREDERICK ESSARY 91

The Price of Neutrality. T. J. WERTENBAKER 100

Contributors’ Club. 109

The Atlantic Portfolio of Industry. ARTHUR POUND 120

Industrial America : Its Way of Work and Thought