Miss Molly H'yar

Give a hop an’ a rush
An’ squeeze herse’f under
De chinkypin bush.
She set moughty small,
An’ she set moughty still,
Kase a boy wid a dawg
Steppin’ over de hill.
De boy got a gun,
He a powerful shot,
An’ he itchin’ for h’yars
To bile in his pot.
Miss Molly H’yar
She start sich a quakin’
Dat she set all de leaves
To shiv’in’ an’ shakin’,
She make sich a trimble
Dat de twigs all jump,
An’ de ol’ houn’ clamp down
His tail on his rump,
An’ de boy give a screech
An’ take to de brush —
Gawd, dar’s a hant
In de chinkypin bush!
Miss Molly set
An’ see ’em a-Iopin’,
She laugh so hard
Dat she nigh bus’ open,
She shake so hard,
All squush on de groun’,
Dat de chinkypin nuts
Come a-hailin’ down.
Dey crack on her haid,
An’ dey crack on her back,
But she flat out her yeahs
An’ let ’em crack.
Chk! Chk! Chk!
Got a b’ar-size gun,
An’ sheered ob a cottontail
Run, nigger, run!