Thoughts Revealed

Now come, custodians, reveal
The charges you have tended;
Your stewardship is ended.
The bolts are drawn: out, out they steal
From your safe keeping,
Sheep’s clothing may no more conceal
The lean wolves’ leaping,
And vainly, shepherd, you disclaim
The hungry flock you know by name.
Your thoughts are wolves — and his, whose gaze profound
Plumbs to its dark green depths the pool of learning,
Are silver fishes, swimming round and round,
Steering a course mysteriously charted
Among the lily stems, but still returning
To that same reedy bed from which they started.
But she, she has opened the cage and her birds are free,
And the listener, remembering how they were used to sin
Like small, gray nuns in the cage, stands amazed to see
The jeweled crimson that flashes beneath the wing.