The Chaldean Quarterly





Suggestions to Contributors

To avoid confusion, we must ask that the manuscript and the letter describing it should be forwarded in the same consignment and covered by one bill of lading.

All manuscripts should be kilnbaked, preferably glazed. Sundried brick or papyrus will be returned unread.

Write on one face of brick only, using metal stylus and allowing ample margins. Each brick should be numbered and impressed with the sender’s signet.

Manuscripts should be sent boxed or securely wrapped in Egyptian mummy cloth — never in bags or open panniers. Freight must be fully prepaid on all shipments.

We want stories of the great river — stories of the glorious campaign against arrogant Nineveh — stories of the hardy pioneers who made possible our modern civilization.

Rejection does not necessarily imply lack of merit, and when material is suitable for other than editorial use we will undertake to dispose of same to local dealers in building materials, remitting proceeds, less 25 per cent, to contributors. Otherwise all manuscripts found unavailable for publication will be returned C.O.D.