The Atlantic Bookshelf: Conclusion

A wrap up of book reviews from Edward Weeks

NEWS in the Book World . . . On a recent trip to London, George Palmer Putnam, the publisher, acquired the American rights to Escape, by Francesco Nitti, nephew of the Italian ex-Prime Minister. The book recounts the adventures of Nitti the Younger in escaping from the Fascist prison on Lipari Island. In England and on his return to New York, Mr. Putnam received letters threatening his life if he dared to publish this ‘slur on Fasc ism.’ . . . Five booksellers were arrested in Chicago by entrapment methods of the Illinois Vigilances Association in a campaign reformers are waging against ‘immoral literature.’ . . . Writing in the Publishers’ Weekly, Alfred McIntyre. President of Little, Brown, and Company, gives as his opinion that ‘the two most important developments in bookselling during the last ten years are the apparently successful establishment of book clubs and the great increase in the number of small shops selling books.’ ... It is said that Colonel T. E. Lawrence, the most mysterious author alive, is now at work on a translation of Homer, to be illustrated by Bruce Rogers. . . .
Cdward Weeks