LET US be quiet for a little space.
If I should lay my hand upon your hair
The world might seem a less conclusive place
Than this I dwell assured of. Love may dare
All things save this — to strike before the hour.
We who have held our purpose consecrate To truth know well the immitigable power

She wields ere yet the soul and body mate.
We have outgrown the Thracian mysteries
Whose joy was of the earth. We may not raise
Glad hearts as theirs who sought each other’s eyes
Only to hymn the Virgin’s holy praise.
Greece and Assisi perish; there remain
Love, and a new integrity of pain.


Now we are come unto the shore who strove
Against the wind and tide to no avail.
Let others speak vain words in praise of love
Who have not read to the ending of the tale.
We love as eyes might see that long had lost
Vision; we walk, whose limbs have ceased to writhe;
We stand, who watched the Lord’s embattled host
Go down like wheat before the leveling scythe.
No more we’ll seek a place among the stars
To seal our joy’s abiding; we are come
Red with the passion of a hundred wars’
Long siege of crystal cities far from home
To pledge in tears the life that has its birth
When the first man stands forth on granite earth.