The Growing Demand for Superior Tone Quality

THE time is nearing when musical instruments of inferior tonal qualities can no longer be sold even at bargain prices to the hitherto undiscriminating.

Education has been abroad in the land. The appreciation of really tine music is expanding in ever widening circles. And with it grows the demand for superior tone quality that all important essential of every tine musical instrument.

For a time it was feared that the radio with its early imperfections instead of increasing general appreciation of line tonal quality in music would achieve the opposite. For a time too it probably did.

The development however of broadcast reception and manufacture of radio broadcast receivers for home use has progressed so rapidly during the past seven years that the whole art is now in a high state of perfection. Receivers of standard make have long passed the point where there is the least doubt about obtaining worth while results from them.

These decided improvements in the radio have been bringing to great masses of listeners new conceptions of the beauty, charm and companionship of really tine music. And with it, increased longing and demand for superior tone quality in every form of musical instrument.

The best that music has to offer is no longer for the few but for the many. And this demand is showing in the increased sales of fine Pianos, fine Phonographs and other musical instruments.

The superb tonal qualities that dwell within the finer musical instruments that are being made today are a revelation to growing numbers. The vast difference between such instruments and those that merely masquerade as such is sinking deeper into the consciousness of the general public.

The replacement of inadequate or outworn pianos, phonographs and radios with those so well constructed as to add immeasurably to the charm of home life is the order of the day. Perhaps no greater service could be rendered in behalf of good music and home happiness than the wholesale replacement of all such inferior musical instruments.

The new generation growing up within American homes is coming into the greatest musical era this country has ever known. The indications are many and unmistakable.

“ Music permeates every phase of life and is needed abundantly in every home. I feel that it is far more important to a child to learn something of music than to learn arithmetic.”

This was the statement recently made by the Superintendent of the Chicago Public School System in announcing the system of class piano instruction that will be installed at the beginning of the Fall term to enable every pupil to learn to play and study this basic of all musical instruments.

In one community after another opportunities of such wide scope are developing. Children as well as grown-ups are finding new ways provided to acquire an understanding love and appreciation of fine music and its essentials. And of these most important is the tone quality of every musical instrument for home use.