Too Many and Not Enough

(Written on a Boston and Albany Local)

THERE are too many people in the world . . .
Too many children whose cars need scrubbing,
Too many drummers whose jokes need snubbing,
Too many girls who touch up their lips,
Too many porters gaping for tips,
Too many fat men lolling and snoring,
Too many old men, piteous and boring,
Too many women with Main Street chins
(A mouth leaves off where a neck begins) —
There are too many people in the world.
But there are n’t enough in all of the world . . .
Not enough thoroughbred colts all prancing,
Not enough puppydogs dinky and dancing,
Not enough woodchucks dozing and dreaming,
Not enough daffodils glimmering and gleaming,
Not enough birches, or brooks, or wings,
Not enough sunrises, not enough Springs,
Not enough time between living and dying
To set our minds on one swallow’s flying,
Not enough time to dip our free
Cupful of beauty from sky and sea —
No, not enough in all of the world!