These Wives of Ours!

WE TOOK them from the shelter of their families, gave them two or three rooms and a share of our salary — then left them sitting there among the wedding presents, a bit bewildered.

BUT they knew how — these wives of ours. They knew how to make rooms into homes, and how to get more merchandise out of a dollar bill than we ever could. We’re lucky to have wives. How do they do it?

LOOK through this magazine. You will find advertisements covering almost every human need. They are filled with hints for the household, hints for health, hints for clothing, hints for keeping young. They are virtually little essays on life. No wonder these wives of ours follow them so carefully. As one wise wife said: ' It isn’t so much that I know housekeeping so well. I know where to learn it!

Most advertising is prepared especially for women. Read it. It forms an authoritative textbook on good housekeeping