Dealers Prepared for Unusual Holiday Trade

THE rapid development of the radio receiver and of radio entertainment has placed within easy reach an ideal Christmas gift for friends and relatives as well as for one’s own home.

Here in a single gift are combined entertainment, good cheer, and companionship; information, instruction, and inspiration from far and near. Whether one or many share in such a gift it adapts itself to individual tastes, needs, and moods.

A purchase that carries with it so wide a range of application will doubtless find its way into many homes during the month preceding the Christmas holidays.

It is generally recognized that the days of sudden changes in the manufacture of radio equipment have given way to well-established certainties and. permanent values, with refinements and improvements to meet all demands.

It is possible to choose to-day from among complete receiving sets of standardized value, well-built, easily controlled, attractively designed, and fair in price.

Makers of fine furniture have cooperated in the designing of beautiful cabinets that may be purchased with the receiver if desired, although receiving sets themselves are now so compactly and attractively fashioned as to be worthy a place in any well-appointed living-room. The crude and often ungainly designs of earlier years have almost completely disappeared.

In this December edition appear various announcements of dependable radio manufacturers. Examine them carefully. If you are interested in any particular make and no dealer is in your neighborhood to thoroughly demonstrate its qualities, drop a line to the makers or to this magazine, and full particulars will gladly be supplied.

From all over the country, and especially from the larger metropolitan districts, the demand is growing for prompt Congressional action to clarify the broadcasting situation.

When Congress adjourned last spring without taking any definite steps to assist our hundreds of broadcasting stations in their selection of wave bands, it was inevitable that some confusion would follow. The wonder is that it has not been much greater.

So many millions are keenly interested in this matter it seems well assured no time will be lost in duly authorizing either the Department of Commerce or a specially appointed commission to help the various stations from interfering with each other. A speedy and satisfactory solution of this question is confidently expected.

Interesting announcements of dependable radio equipment may be found throughout the advertising section