London Folk

THE folk who dwell in London town Are learned folk and wise;
The pageantry of the wide earth Passes before their eyes.
But there’s more than the London folk have seen, Beyond their dead gray skies;
There ‘s more than the London folk believe ‘Twixt sunset and moonrise.
Oh, there’s many and many a goodly sport Well known in London town;
But I saw King Oberon of Faëry In a wood by Merrow Down;
He had a sword of the moony silver And a dewdrop in his crown;
He hunted a bat in the still twilight For his skin so soft and brown.
And in London town there’s many a shop Will sell your heart’s desire:
But by the red roofs of Prior’s Marston, Which is in Warwickshire,
I came upon Robin Goodfellow Digging a field for hire;
I gave him a silver threepenny-bit To rest by his kitchen fire.
And in London town is the Queen of England, Most royally fair to see:
But a road runs over Hollow Mill Cross In the far North Country,
Where I met the Queen of Elfland riding With a lordly company;
True Thomas rode by her left side, And she kissed her hand to me.
It’s good to walk about London town When one is blithe and young:
But I sigh to think of the chalk hills Where elfin bells are rung;
My eyes are weary for red fields The Warwick woods among;
My heart is sick for the bare high fells Where my songs were first sung.