LIFE is a gusty night, and I a flame;
But never think me fearful of the dark.
Out of the night was born my spirit’s spark,
The star-winds blew it till the hill grew bright,
And the recording heavens watched a face
Moved suddenly to laughter by its light!


I SAW the young moon, blue and cool,
Reflected in a shallow pool
Set in a public square;
So that I lifted up my eyes
To the dark wonder of the skies
To find her there.
I saw Love in its gentleness
Shine on a face I love to bless;
I saw it there;
So that I lifted up my eyes
To see if God were in the skies —
And found Him everywhere.


THRICE have I seemed to view Eternity.
The night my first-born leapt against my side;
Once when I cried
To God and watched a star fall down the sky,
Flung earthward for my lonely soul’s reprieve;
And once when, quietly,
You laid your tired hands upon my head
And smiling said