Lines to a Pumping Engine for a Religious House

I. Old Style

THIS is Sister Water’s cell,
She chose the little sunny dell,
She said, ‘Here will I dwell.’
Sister Water recks nor cares
If it be holier otherwheres,
’T is here she says her prayers.
‘Teach me, Lord, thy wells to fill;
And where to splash, and when to spill;
Teach me to run uphill,'
She climbs the hill with Brother Sun!
She ripples up the stairs! Well done,
Clean and humble one!
Here in Sister Water’s cell,
God maketh miracle.
Light the candle, ring the bell,

II. New Style

THE little grassy hollow is sunny.
The grass is wet and oozy and bright green.
Do not forget your rubbers.
There is a spring in the sunny hollow;
And there are mosquitoes.
The Community
Has built a little cabin
Over the spring in the hollow.
The pumping engine
Lives in the little cabin.
It looks easy,
But it takes a man to run it.
The motive power is gasoline
And possibly
God —