English Editions

It is enough, this month, to speak of two magazines. The Atlantic is constantly speaking for itself. So back we go to books, like Mr. Dick to King Charles’s head! The magazines, indeed, have carried us far from Arlington Street, over land and sea. This, too, is what the Atlantic books themselves are doing in a steadily increasing degree. In February, for example, we received a copy of the English edition of The Mutineers, by Charles Boardman Hawes, recently issued in London by William Heinemann Ltd., which had already placed The Great Quest before the English public. Both of Mr. Newton’s books, The Amenities of Book-Collecting, and The MagnificentFarce, are published in England, as also is Professor Tinker’s Young Boswell, E. Barrington’s The Ladies! and M. A. De Wolfe Howe’s Memories of a Hostess. Negotiations are now in process for the English publication of a number of other Atlantic books. As thorough-going believers in the advantages of a better understanding between the English speaking-peoples, we confess to taking satisfaction in all this.