THERE fell a sudden spring-time clutch
Upon my heart to-day ;
It was Dame Nature’s mystic touch
To hale me forth to play.
Her feet were clad in dancing shoon,
She wore a wood-green gown;
She seemed to breathe a silver tune
That wrapt her, foot to crown.
She piped me forth with deep intent,
To weave a magic art;
With bud and bloom, and lovely scent,
She stabbed me to the heart;
With dandelions gleaming white,
With lambs that skipped about,
With every green and growing sight,
She made my joy gush out.
And so we came in love together
To where my garden lay,
Drunk with the heady draught of weather
That is the gift of May.
So dear it was, that darling sight,
I spoke what I believe:
‘I sometimes think, in my delight
That God walks here at eve.’
There ran a ripple through the breeze,
The flowers drew together,
A hint of mirth was in the trees,
In nest and bird and feather.
‘There was another long ago,’
I think the flowers cried,
‘ Who in a garden did not know
The Wonder by her side.’
Breathless I turned to Nature’s face,
She bent on me her eyes.
Oh, still and lovely meeting-place!
Oh, leap of wild surprise!
Oh, utter joy! Oh, love complete!
I eagerly fell down;
I sought to kiss the shining feet,
To clutch the wood-green gown.
But He was gone — my Lord withdrew,
The garden bowed its head.
‘You did not know? We always knew,’
The smallest blossom said.


I MET the herald jonquils
Amid the grass to-day,
They trooped, the little trumpeters,
In glad and green array;
Each held a golden bugle,
And each a spear of green,
They said that they were messengers
From April’s misty queen.
Spring gave a swift direction,
A hidden countersign, —
Mayhap it was the blue bird’s pipe, —
They straightened up in line;
There came a rushing whisper,
A mystic sudden breeze;
It tossed their little horns on high,
Their trumpets to the trees.
They blew a golden message,
A shout of love and spring,
A tip-toe blast of just, one word —
A word for stars to sing;
They tossed their living trumpets,
The word they blew and blew —
And the word, O Lord of Life, the word
Was You! You! You!