The Atlantic's Bookshelf

These reviews of recent books of unusual value are based upon lists furnished through the courteous coöperation of the following trained judges: American Library Association Book List, Wisconsin Free Library Commission, and the staffs of the public libraries in Springfield, Massachusetts, Newark, Cleveland, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

In response to requests from many librarians, the reviews printed each month in this department of the magazine will be reprinted separately in pamphlet form. Copies may be had by any librarian, without charge, on application to the Atlantic Monthly, 41 Mt. Vernon St., Boston.

Books Selected This Month

The Years Between (Kipling). The Arrow of Gold (Conrad). The Day of Glory (Canfield). Blood and Sand (Ibañez). The Undefeated (Snaith). The Secret City (Walpole). Proposed Roads to Freedom (Russell).