The Atlantic's Bookshelf

In this department of the Atlantic, it is the aim of the Editors to review, promptly and justly, those new books which seem of more than temporary value. Of casual, unimportant, and unworthy books, no mention will be made. The selection of titles represents the choice of trained judges of books in various parts of the country, who have kindly consented to collaborate with this magazine in the common task of listing those volumes which are more than usually worthy of preservation. The authorities consulted are the staffs of the American Library Association Book List, the Wisconsin Library Commission, the City Library Association Library of Springfield, Massachusetts, the Free Public Library of Newark, New Jersey, and the City Library of Cleveland. In time, the opinion of other libraries, in other parts of the country will be sought, as we are attempting to make this service a national one. For the reviews, themselves, the Atlantic is wholly responsible. There will be no attempt at cleverness, but every effort for just appraisal.