Rest at Noon

Now with a recreated mind
Back to the world my way I find,
Fed by the hills one little hour,
By meadow-slope and beechen-bower,
Cedar serene, benignant larch,
Hoar mountains and the azure arch
Where dazzling vapors make vast sport
In God’s profound and spacious court.
The universe played with me. Earth,
Harped unto heaven, made tuneful mirth;
The clouds built castles for my pleasure,
And airy legions, without measure,
Flung, spindrift-wise, across the sky,
To thrill my heart once and to die.
I have held converse with large things;
For cherubim with cooling wings
Brushed me; the stars that hide by day
Called through their latticed windows gay,
And clapped their hands: ‘These veils uproll
And see the comrades of your soul.'
The very flowers that ringed my bed
Their little ‘ God-be-with-you ’ said.
And every insect, bird, and bee
Brought cool cups from eternity.