After Lyly, Jonson, and Others

Now Spring her fairest garlands strewed, —
Across the meadow and the wood, —
Of fragrant breezes, saffron morns,
Daisies and roses without thorns,
And daffodils and lilies white
That sleep like virgin maids all night.
The lambs curvet o’er stones and grass,
And sweet desire claims the lass.
And on that day within the shade
Cupid and my Corinna played:
The game was cards, and in good part;
The stake was fair Corinna’s heart.
At last Corinna lost the prize,
And April showers drowned her eyes;
But Cupid in his wanton glee
Gave my chaste lady’s heart to me;
And when Corinna saw ’t was mine,
With April sun her eyes did shine.