A Correction

January 10, 1909.
Gentlemen: —
May I impose upon you for space to correct an injustice ?
In my article on “Competition” in the October number, occurs the following passage: —

“ I know very directly of a capable and prosperous man in Pennsylvania who was driven out of business by the Standard Oil Company, and touching whom one of the Oil magnates remarked, ‘ Oh, he was easy game.’ And this case is said to be one of many.”

I have since learned to my surprise that the circumstance alluded to occurred some twenty-five years ago, and that between its occurrence and my informant’s apprehension of it, and his statement of it to me, and my apprehension of it, and my statement of it in the Atlantic, some of the facts not unnaturally became distorted.
It appears now that the man in question was not, in the ordinary sense, “ in business,” but was a “ promoter,” and that instead of being driven out of business by the Standard Oil Company, he was for many years interested with them in business, and to the satisfaction of all concerned, as one of the directors of the Standard Oil Company assures me. Therefore, so far as my statements in October are contradicted by the facts I have just recounted, I of course wish to withdraw those statements, and to express my regret at having unwittingly fallen into making them.
Your obedient servant,