Rhyme of the Voyager

Lady. SHIPS that crowd in the offing, what do ye bring to me?
Voices of ships. We bring the soul of a sailor in from sea.
Lady. Tell me what of the voyage? journeyed he near or far?
Voices of ships. Farther he sailed than lands or oceans are !
Where our adventure ended, onward he clove his track;
On till the round road led the wanderer back.
Still in his dreams he murmurs of countries vast and free.
Lady. Ships, O what can that sailor be to me ?
Voices of ships. Still in his dreams he wanders, as they who endless roam ;
Calling, as call the dying, on his home.
Lady. Mariners none I own to, nor hold the sea for kin.
Voices of ships. Yet would that fevered stranger bide within.
Lady. My task to set my household and make my hearth to shine.
Voice of ships. Lady, prepare thy lintage and thy wine.
And see thou scant not welcome, nor regulate thy dole.
Lady, that wayworn traveler — ’t is thy soul !
See him disowned and outcast, and driven from thy door:
Yet he returns! — wilt thou refuse him more ?