The Secret Thing

I SOUGHT to sing the secret of my heart;
But it escaped me like a wild-winged bird,
And to the lonely Heavens did depart,
Until a faint lost note was all I heard.
And no one else on all the earth could hear
What I had deemed so marvelously clear.
I sought to telh the secret of my heart,
Whispering low, to one who loved me well.
But like a breath of dawn I felt it start
And pass before one precious symbol fell.
And she I loved so only looked at me.
“ What fragrant wind was that? Oh, sweet! ” said she.
So I shall keep it hid eternally.
It is so filmy, exquisite, and wild;
And yet so bright and eloquent and free.
Full many a barren day it has beguiled.
But if none else its loveliness may see
Think not I play the miser willingly!