Aller Seelen

THE mist in the air, and the moon in the sky,
And a wind from the pine-grown height;
The living years are a breath gone by,
And the dead years live to-night.
The mist in the air, rain-washed and sweet;
The moon on the pine-slopes blue;
The long thin hill-grass under my feet —
But where are I and You ?
The rocks and the rain-sweet wind are here,
The moon and the mountain grass;
The living soul of a long-dead year
Walks on the pine-crowned pass.
But You and I have journeyed far
On a long unresting track,
From the Souls We Were to the Souls We Are —
A goal whence none go back.
The dead years rise on the rain-washed wind,
And walk in the world they knew;
But living or dead we shall not find
The souls that were I and You.