The Sea Wind

WINNOW me through with thy keen clean breath,
Wind with the tang of the sea!
Speed through the closing gates of the day,
Find me and fold me ; have thy way
And take thy will of me !
Use my soul as you used the sky —
Gray sky of this sullen day!
Clear its doubt as you sped its wrack
Of storm cloud bringing its splendor back,
Giving it gold for gray !
Bring me word of the moving ships,
Halyards and straining spars;
Come to me clean from the sea’s wide breast
While the last lights die in the yellow west
Under the first white stars !
Batter the closed doors of my heart
And set my spirit free!
For I stifle here in this crowded place,
Sick for the tenantless fields of space,
Wind with the tang of the sea!
Arthur Ketchum.