The Four Places of Sorrow

THERE is sorrow for me in the North, where the black wind blows.
(Hush, O wind of the dirges, O voice of the restless dead!)
The ache of its cruel keening through my heart like an arrow goes;
I see in the tossing waters the sheen of a dear bright head.
There is sorrow for me in the South, where the white wind sings.
(Hush, O wind of all lovers, crooning a laugh and a cry!)
On the pain of a dream love-haunted breaks the music of wings:
Sea gulls, sweeping and swaying, saw ye my dead drift by ?
There is sorrow for me in the East, where the red wind burns.
(Hush, O wind of remorse, O wind of the scourging flame !)
Under its slow cold dawning the soul of the drowned returns,
And wan, in the startled daybreak, a ghost from the sea he came.
There is sorrow for me in the West, where the brown wind raves.
(Hush, O wind from the bogs, O memory-freighted wind!)
He is spindrift hither and thither, sport of unweary waves.
Would that my heart were close on his heart,my eyes on his eyes were blind !
Ethna Carbery.