An Instance of Effrontery

WE confess some humiliation at being thought fit recipients for a circular that has lately been sent us, and count on some little sympathy from the Club when they have read it. We have been able to derive a slight alleviation, to be sure, from the phrase, “ Of you, who have not patronized us before.” Evidently it may be regarded as a distinction, in view of the vast numbers who have made use of the facilities described, — the business, the circular states, has increased “ to the limits of the English-speaking world,” — to belong to the remnant who have not “ patronized ” it. Yet we can hardly congratulate ourselves on being now thought available for persuasion.

The mingled naïveté and brazenness of the circular will commend themselves to all students of the advertisers’ art, and the subtle criticism of specialization and the elective system will not be lost upon educators. We refrain from comment upon the last quotation in the list of prices, lest we should deepen the wound to the susceptibilities of our ministerial friends.



We are at the present, as in the past, supplying the busy students of the country with all kinds of Literary Productions. We still continue to furnish the highest quality of Literary Work at the very lowest rate. We are no strangers to the educational institutions of the country, and our work is becoming more and more a necessity to the student as he becomes a specialist in education, and to the man who, as the victim of circumstances, is forced to perform literary labors, for which he has neither the time nor the adaptability. Our increasing business will testify to the truth of this statement, as well as to the merits of our work. In the last twenty-two years, during which time we have been conducting this business, it has increased from a merely local institution to the limits of the English-speaking world.

Of you, who have not patronized us before, we ask nothing but a trial.

We do not ask you to speculate upon the question of our honesty : We require no money in advance.

Our prices are as follows : —

High School Orations and Essays, $3.00 to $8.00.

College Essays, Orations, and Debates, $3.00 to $15.00.

Political Speeches, $10.00 to $30.00.

Lectures, $10.00 and upward.

Sermons from 50 cents to $25.00.

Our work, with the exception of the low-priced sermons, we guarantee original.

We are, Yours confidentially,


No. 11 Court Street.

Tiffin, Ohio.