THE patient rain at early summer dawn ;
The long, lone autumn drip; the damp, sweet hush
Of springtime, when the glinting drops seem gone
Into the first notes of the hidden thrush ;
The solemn, dreary beat
Of winter rain and sleet;
The mad, glad, passionate calling of the showers&lt
To the unblossomed hours ;
The driving, restless midnight sweep of rain ;
The fitful sobbing and the smile again
Of spring’s childhood ; the fierce, unpitying pour
Of low-hung, leaden clouds ; the evermore
Prophetic beauty of the sunset storm,
Transfigured into color and to form
Across the sky. — O wondrous changing rain !
Changeful and full of temper as man’s life ;
Impetuous, fierce, unpitying, kind again,
Prophetic, beauteous, soothing, full of strife:
Through all thy changing passions hear not we
Th’ eternal note of the UNCHANGING SEA ?
Laura Spencer Portor.