To Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning


O MATED souls, that through the blissful deeps
Of heaven on heaven wing your ethereal way,
Know ye how Love on earthly shores to-day
For your true sake his feast in triumph keeps ?
Know ye how all the world of lovers heaps
Its garlands on the living words that aye
The holy passion of your vows shall say
Till Song itself to gray oblivion creeps ?
The alpha and omega of the heart ;
The perfect scale, to its first note returning;
Each fond detail, each jot of life or art,
Touched with the fire upon the altar burning !
While Genius smiles, a happy prisoner, caught
In silver iterance of one sweet thought.


Our modern Muse hath fever in her veins;
Her lips, alas! have known the tainted springs;
We turn afresh to where your fountain flings
Its crystal challenge to all droughts and stains.
Your white ideal, crowned with the truth, remains
Steadfast amid the shock of baser things ;
Your love the golden seal of witness brings
To Nature’s charter pure, whereto man strains.
Ah, if the mighty quests that now possess you
Permit one pause of earth-revealing sight,
Surely the blessing ye have wrought must bless you,
A keener glow inform the heavenly light,
Some finer echo of our praise must ring
In those infinitudes where Love is king !
Marion Pelton Guild.