Two Points of View

—Recently, in a circle where I am often a much-edified listener and looker-on, the free lances were glancing keenly in their wonted fashion. Just at the particular moment of which I write The Coquette was the provoking theme of the word-tilt. Some one had the inspiration to propose that an “ expression ” be obtained, severally, from the man’s and the woman’s point of view. To this end two of the most dexterous contestants were chosen. A scrap of paper and lead pencil being provided, our free lances took aim with the following results, distinguished by what the French might call un accent badin de conviction sincère. It is hardly necessary to indicate which was the masculine and which the feminine treatment of the subject.


Men called her Eve, and well they might, —
The fall of man she wrought.
“ One only woman in the world,”
Was all these victims thought.
“ One only memory worth a thought,”
Was all these victims said,
When life was lived and dreams were dreamed,
And love and faith lay dead.


Beside her lair and winding paths are seen
Full many slain, and many more a-mort.
And is our jungle beauty’s zest so keen ?
Ah yes ! yet not from hunger, but from sport.