On a Photograph Received From a Friend in Rome

Perchè la faccia mia sì t’ innamora ?


PEARL of Savoy! so precious to the heart
Of all Italians, and of all who love
That land of Italy, if some apart
Who dwell from Italy’s air and Italy’s tongue
Fail of remembrance, — when they look above
The private altar where they daily do
Their matins and their vespertine devotion,
Beside the cross they see thy picture too,
Where Victor’s name is near Immanuel’s hung ;
And though from Tiber sundered by the ocean,
Tiber, and Arno, and Cisalpine Po,
Beholding that bright face, the fond emotion
Of country comes to them on bended knees :
O Margherita la superba. — Queen ! In this New World which thy great Genoese
Gave to mankind, — thou hast one lover here
Who bows before thy majesty of mien,
And for thy land’s sake holds thine image dear.
T. W. Parsons.