Schumann's Kinder-Scenen

THE spirit of the Ingle-nook
Has come to lead me forth,
To wonder at the leaping brook,
The wind from out the north ;
To wander with Haroun the great
Through groves of Eastern scent;
To watch, beyond the garden gate,
The birds fly, skyward bent;
To lie amid the grass, and dream
Each slim and spreading spire
A tufted palm, lit by the gleam
Of distant heavens’ fire;
To dream and dream of things beyond
The gate, — beyond to-day, —
Until upon the miller’s pond
The low red light shall play.
And then, when all my dreams shall swim
To murmuring of the brook,
I shall be led from twilight dim
Back to the Ingle-nook.
H. G. Bunner.