YEA, Lord ! — Yet some must serve !
Not all with tranquil heart,
Even at thy dear feet,
Wrapped in devotion sweet,
May sit apart!
Yea, Lord ! — Yet some must bear
The burden of the day,
Its labor and its heat,
While others at thy feet
May muse and pray!
Yea, Lord ! — Yet some must do
Life’s daily task-work ; some
Who fain would sing must toil
Amid earth’s dust and moil,
While lips are dumb!
Yea, Lord ! — Yet man must earn,
And woman bake, the bread ;
And some must watch and wake
Early, for others’ sake,
Who pray instead !
Yea, Lord! — Yet even Thou
Hast need of earthly care.
I bring the bread and wine
To Thee, a guest divine, —
Be this my prayer!
Julia C. R. Dorr.