Flowers in the Dark

LATE in the evening, when the room had grown
Too hot and tiresome with its flaring light
And noise of voices, I stole out alone
Into the darkness of the summer night.
Down the long garden walk I slowly went.
A little wind was stirring in the trees ;
I only saw the whitest of the flowers,
And I was sorry that the earlier hours
Of that fair evening had been so ill-spent ;
Because, I said, I am content with these
Dear friends of mine, who only speak to me
With their delicious fragrance, and who tell
To me their gracious welcome silently.
The leaves that touch my hand with dew are wet;
I find the tall white lilies I love well;
I linger as I pass the mignonette;
And what surprise could sweeter be than this,
To find a late rose waiting with a kiss !

Sarah O. Jewett.