Ah, Dawn, Delay

O FAINT dawn, drifting toward the night,
I see afar your pallid fingers;
Too soon will unbound beams of light
Dispel the dusk that, trembling, lingers.
Amid your wealth of blush and bloom
No rapturous joy for me finds room;
Delay, till my tired heart grow stronger;
Ah, let me dream a little longer!
I know the brimming cup you bring,
No rose leaf on its chill o’erflowing;
Veiled midnight holds a sweeter spring,
Its golden depths more gladness showing.
Delay your train of troublous hours;
In happier clime of song and flowers,
Ah, stay, until my heart grow stronger;
Let it be night a little longer!
What beauty gilds the gairish day ?
Dull care awaits her stealthy coming;
Toil drives each tender thought away,
While blossoms smile, the bees are humming.
With all her flickering hues and gleams,
The day denies dear time for dreams;
Till my reluctant heart grow stronger,
Ah, dawn, delay a little longer!
Celeste M. A. Winslow.