One Out-of-Doors

A GHOST — is he afraid to be a ghost?
A ghost ? It breaks my heart to think of it.
Something that wavers in the moon, at most;
Something that wanders; something that must flit
From morning, from the bird’s breath and the dew.
Ah, if I knew, —ah, if I only knew!
Something so weirdly wan, so weirdly still!
O yearning lips that our warm blood can flush,
Follow it with your kisses, if you will;
O beating heart, think of its helpless hush.
Oh,bitterest of all, to fear we fear
Something that was so near, that was so dear!
No, —no, he is no# ghost; he could not be;
Something that hides, forlorn, in frost and brier;
Something shut outside in the dark, while we
Laugh and forget by the familiar fire;
Something whose moan we call the wind, whose tears
Sound but as rain-drops in our human ears.
Mrs. Sallie M. B. Piatt.