The Silver Bridge

THE sunset fades along the shore,
And faints behind yon rosy reach of sea;
Night falls again, but ah, no more,
No more, no more,
My love returns to me.
The lonely moon builds soft and slow
Her silver bridge across the main,
But him who sleeps the wave below,
Love mourns in vain;
Ah no, ah no,
He never comes again!
But when some night, beside the sea,
I watch, when sunset’s red has ceased to burn,
That silver path, and sigh, “ Ah me,
Ah me, ah me,
He never will return,”
If on that bridge of rippling light
His homeward feet should find their way,
I should not wonder at the sight,
But only say,
“ Ah love, my love,
I knew you would not stay!”
Elizabeth Akers Alien.