Words by W. W. STORY.

Music by F. BOOTT.


1. I dream’d we were young, and you lov’d me, And the lips that I used to kiss Smiled 2. Your arms reached out in their longing, You clung to me, face to face; Not

sweety as once they smil'd on me With the love that now I miss. I... yielding a half un - wel - come, A meaningless, cold embrace. I...

dreamed that our life’s cruel furrows Were smoothed and gladdened with flow’rs, And we felt the long-van - ished rapture Au - ro - ral above us stream ; We loved



of spring-time, That now is no longer ours. I... twen - ty ;—I woke— it was all a dream. I....

dreamed that our life’s cru - el fur - rows Were smoothed and gladdened with felt the longvan - ished rapture An - ro - ral a - bove us


flowers, And we breathed the freshness of spring - time, That stream; We loved as we loved at twen - ty ;— I

woke;— it was all a dream.