Stella Speciosa

I SAW the star of even
Sail down the paling west,
And, from the verge of heaven,
Drop to her silent rest.
How peaceful moved she through
The soft, decaying light!
How lovely, pure, and true,
She looked her sweet “ Good night! ”
Doth thus our planet move
Through the high walks of space,
And thus unmingled love
Seem mirrored on her face?
Do the still spaces bar
The signs of human woe?
Doth Earth shine soft afar,
As stars shine here below ?
Are noise and pain and sin,
’Mong all her nations rife,
Entirely veiled within
This atmosphere of life?
O silent, silver orb,
Gliding in peace along,
Doth aught but joy absorb
Your happy nations’ song?
J. F. Bingham.