Sonnet: To F. A

UNCONSCIOUS as the sunshine, simply sweet
And generous as that, thou dost not close
Thyself in art, as life were but a rose
To rumple bee-like with luxurious feet;
Thy higher mind therein finds sure retreat,
But not from care of common hopes and woes;
Thee the dark chamber, thee the unfriended knows,
Although no gaping crowds thy praise repeat:
Consummate artist, who life’s landscape bleak
Hast brimmed with sun to many a clouded eye,
Touched to a brighter hue the beggar’s cheek,
Hung over orphaned lives a gracious sky,
And traced for eyes, that else would vainly seek,
Fair pictures of an angel drawing nigh!
J. R. Lowell.

FLORENCE, ITALY, January, 1874.