WE sail toward evening’s lonely star,
That trembles in the tender blue ;
One single cloud, a dusky bar
Burnt with dull carmine through and through,
Slow smouldering in the summer sky,
Lies low along the fading west;
How sweet to watch its splendors die,
Wave-cradled thus, and wind-caressed!
The soft breeze freshens ; leaps the spray
To kiss our cheeks with sudden cheer.
Upon the dark edge of the bay
Lighthouses kindle far and near,
And through the warm deeps of the sky
Steal faint star-clusters, while we rest
In deep refreshment, thou and I,
Wave-cradled thus, and wind-caressed.
How like a dream are earth and heaven,
Star beam and darkness, sky and sea;
Thy face, pale in the shadowy even,
Thy quiet eyes that gaze on me !
O realize the moment’s charm,
Thou dearest! We are at life’s best,
Folded in God’s encircling arm,
Wave-cradled thus, and wind-caressed !

Celia Thaxter.