The Lady of the Ice. A Novel

By JAMES DE MILLE, with Illustrations by C. G. BUSH. New York : D. Appleton & Co.
MR. DE MILLE has already made a great many people laugh with good reason by his “Dodge Club in Italy,” and we think he has as neat a turn for story-telling as any American, — if we may claim him for our nationality. Not trying to go very deep into our poor human nature, which has perhaps already been sufficiently probed, he is free to pay greater attention to the surface, and he usually presents a lively and artistic picture of that ; and many intense No one can help thinking well of Mr. O’Halloran, the Irish gentleman, who perfectly forgives Macrorie’s mistake in making love to his wife, and yet obliges him to fight a duel out of respect to the code, and then takes it as a mark of the greatest kindness when Macrorie consents to fire first. The whole transaction is deliciously Irish ; and the novel has only the best-tempered and charming catastrophes in every respect. We must say for Mr. Bush, that he has illustrated it with the most lovely young ladies and handsome young fellows, and has come as near the ideal of light and agreeable art in one way as Mr. De Mille has in another.