Robert Greathouse. An American Novel

By JOHN FRANKLIN SWIFT, Author of “Going to Jericho ; or, Sketches of Travel in Spain and the East.” New York : Carleton.
FROM Mr. Swift we think we had some right to expect better things than this novel; for “Going to Jericho,” though it was rather more than sufficiently flippant, was yet a lively book, and showed a literary feeling and power which “ Robert Greathouse” lacks. “Robert Greathouse” is, in fact, air awkwardly managed novel of an old fashion, which was a second-rate fashion when it was new ; and though the scene is in the fresh localities of California, and the strong, novel life there might have been effectively drawn upon for character and incident, we have nothing but a stock company playing standard melodrama. Good, bad, and indifferent, they are curiously dreary people, all of them ; and the reader who cares to know what becomes of them must be the prey of a very morbid and unhealthy inquisitiveness.
We. indulge a hope that this is an earlier work than “ Going to Jericho,” and that Mr. Swift, who can do better, will he sorry for “Robert Greathouse,” when he has done better.