Breezie Langton. A Story of Fifty-Two to Fifty-Five

By HAWLEY SMART, Author of “A Race for a Wife.” New York : D. Appleton & Co.
As it seems possible for anyone, through the native brilliancy of the language, to be epigrammatic in the French tongue, so the structure of English society, and the vast mass of extant English fictions, enables any one to write novels. In fact, a great part of the contemporary English romance seems to be the effect of a kind of spontaneous generation. Upon this principle we account for the existence of “Breezie Langton.” But even if such novels were written from an authentic and individual impulse, we should decline to praise them, and should advise people to do any not positively had thing rather than read them ; for utter waste of time is a sin, though the young ladies may not all think so.