The American Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1865

The American Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1865. New York ; D. Appleton & Co.
SEVERAL articles in this volume give it an unusual interest and value. The paper on Cholera is not the kind of reading to which one could have turned with cheerfulness last July, from a repast of summer vegetables and hurried fruits ; nor can that on Trichinosis be pleasant to the friend of pork ; but they are both clearly and succinctly written, and will contribute to the popular understanding of the dangers which they discuss.
The Cyclopædia, however, has its chief merit in those articles which present resumés of the past year’s events in politics, literature, science, and art. The one on the last - named subject is less complete than could be wished, and is written in rather slovenly English; but the article on literature is very full and satisfactory. A great mass of biographical matter is presented under the title of “ Obituaries,” but more extended notices of more distinguished persons are given under the proper names. Among the latter are accounts of the lives and public services of Lincoln, Everett, Palmerston, Cobden, and Corwin; and of the lives and literary works of Miss Bremer, Mrs. Gaskell, Hildreth, Proudhon, etc. The article on Corwin is too slight for the subject, and the notice of Hildreth, who enjoyed a great repute both in this country and in Europe, is scant and inadequate. Under the title of “Army Operations,” a fair synopsis of the history of the last months of the war is given ; and, as a whole, the Cyclopædia is a valuable, if not altogether complete, review of the events of 1865.