The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living/the Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying

1. By JEREMY TAYLOR, D. D. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 2. By JEREMY TAYLOR, D. D. Boston: Little, Brown & Co.
THE beautiful meditations of Jeremy Taylor, written in the intervals of the great English civil war, seem appropriate enough amidst these closing days of our own contest. While the English language remains, his delicious sentences will find readers and lovers ; and the endless variety of choice learning with which his pages are gemmed would make them always delightful, were his own part valueless.
This copiousness of allusion makes no small work for his American editor, since even the latest English editions leave much to be supplied. It is an enormous undertaking to verify and complete all these manifold citations, and yet the present editor has been content with nothing less. Editors so conscientious are not easily to be found; and it is to the honor of Little, Brown & Company that they habitually secure such services, and thus make their reprints almost as creditable to our literature as it they nere original works.