La Fiera/La Rosa Dell' Alpi

Commedia in Cinque Atti. Di ALBERTO NOTA. Con Note Inglesi. Boston : De Vries, Ibarra e Compagnia.
Novella di FRANCESCO DALL’ ONOARO. Con Note Inglesi. Boston : De Vries, Ibarra e Compagnia.
THE author of an agreeable article in the “ North American Review,” entitled “Recent Italian Comedy,” says that the plays of Alberto Nota are no longer acted or reprinted. The American press straightway refutes him by a neat edition of the comedy of “The Fair,” with notes for English readers. It is an entertaining little production, in spite of the above critic, having rather effective incidents and situations, and easy, if not brilliant, dialogue. The plot may be described as being French, and the moral as English ; that is, the jealous wife outwits the faithless husband, instead of the opposite result.
The “ Collection De Vries ” also introduces to us the more familiar and contemporary name of Dall’ Ongaro, to whom the critics attribute more dramatic genius than is conceded to any other living poet of Italy. The story of “ La Rosa dell' Alpi " is simply and beautifully written, and paints the innocent career of a poor servant - maiden with something of the grace of George Sand.
It will be a good thing for students to read these specimens of easy colloquial Italian ; so that they need not, when they visit the beloved land, do their shopping exclusively in Dantean phrases, as Mrs. Siddons shopped in Shakspeare.