Between Spring and Summer: (A Birthday Poem, With Roses)

To her whose birth and being
Touch summer out of spring,
These roses, reaching forward
From May to June, I bring.
To her whose fragrant friendship
Sweetens the life I live,
These flowers, Love’s message hinting
With perfumed breath, I give.
The violet and the lily
Shall stand for these and those ;
But give her roses only
Whose soul suggests the rose,—
Whose Life’s idea ranges
Through all of sweet and bright,
A vernal flow of feeling,
A summer day of light.
I bless the child whose coming
Sheds grace around us, where
Her voice falls soft as music,
Her step drops light as air :
Fair grace, to good related
In her, sweet sisters twin ;
As in this House of Roses
The fruits and flowers are kin.