AH! my beautiful violets,
Stirring under the sod,
Feeling, in all your being,
The breath of the spirit of God
Thrilling your delicate pulses,
Warming your life-blood anew,—
Struggle up into the Spring-light;
I'm watching and waiting for you.

Stretch up your white arms towards me,
Climb and never despair;
Come ! the blue sky is above you,
Sunlight and soft warm air.
Shake off the sleep from your eyelids,
Work in the darkness awhile,
Trust in the light that's above you,
Win your way up to its smile.

Ah ! do you know how the May-flowers,
Down on the shore of the lake.
Are whispering, one to another,
All in the silence, “ Awake !”
Blushing from under the pine-leaves,
Soon they will greet me anew,—
But still, oh, my beautiful violets,
I'll be watching and longing for you.