The Telegraph

THOU lonely Bay of Trinity,
Ye bosky shores untrod,
Lean, breathless, to the white-lipped sea
And hear the voice of God!

From world to world His couriers fly,
Thought-winged and shod with fire ;
The angel of His stormy sky
Rides down the sunken wire.

What saith the herald of the Lord ?—
“ The world’s long strife is done !
Close wedded by that mystic cord,
Her continents are one.

“ And one in heart, as one in blood,
Shall all her peoples be;
The hands of human brotherhood
Shall clasp beneath the sea.

“ Through Orient seas, o’er Afric's plain,
And Asian mountains borne,
The vigor of the Northern brain
Shall nerve the world outworn.

“ From clime to clime, from shore to shore,
Shall thrill the magic thread ;
The new Prometheus steals once more
The fire that wakes the dead!

“ Earth gray with age shall hear the strain
Which o’er her childhood rolled ;
For her the morning stars again
Shall sing their song of old.

“ For, lo ! the fall of Ocean's wall,
Space mocked, and Time outrun !—
And round the world, the thought of all
Is as the thought of one ! ”

Oh, reverently and thankfully
The mighty wonder own !
The deaf can hear, the blind may see,
The work is God’s alone.

Throb on, strong pulse of thunder! beat
From answering beach to beach !
Fuse nations in thy kindly heat,
And melt the chains of each!

Wild terror of the sky above,
Glide tamed and dumb below !
Bear gently, Ocean’s carrier-dove,
Thy errands to and fro !

Weave on, swift shuttle of the Lord,
Beneath the deep so far,
The bridal robe of Earth’s accord,
The funeral shroud of war !

The poles unite, the zones agree,
The tongues of striving cease;
As on the Sea of Galilee,
The Christ is whispering, “ Peace ! ”